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WELCOME to the takeover Official Unofficial Site.  Over the last two years, the program has strived to enlighten and expand musical tastes and horizons.  This, the final semester of broadcast, will be no exception.  Of course, if you are here you already know that the takeover indeed is the Bonaventure source for the best new music and old favorites available in every flavor of the genre rainbow.  Along with a healthy weekly dose of Motown, Liebdaddy keeps it real with two full hours of the best in underground and mainstream rock and roll.  If you're ready to testify, you should tune in to the takeover on ROCK Radio, WSBU, 88.3 FM the "Buzz" every Friday from 3-5 PM this Spring 2003 Semester.  Remember, MUSIC IS REVOLUTION!  the takeover theme 2k3.mp3 and the takeover theme 2k3 alternate.mp3

THERMALS will turn into you ('cause they can do that, ya know) just to win your heart with there unsophisticated, sloopy, wonderfully warm noise...Idlewild's gets all philosophical on your ass with a script of Scottish fiction...Steve Malkus aka "Big Steve" returns!...The Libertines: don't believe the hype, foo...This spring is in full freakin' swing in REVIEWS.

PLEASE WELCOME my cohort in crime, Matt Deapo, as we crank out reviews by the boat full: hot and fresh out the kitchen, indeed!>>>THE TOP 10 ALBUMS of the semester are on the way, but until that happens, consult my Top 10 Albums of 2002 list before your next trip to the record shop>>>THE FITZ AND THE HIP SIMPSONS SPECIAL featuring yours truly is available on the Upcoming Shows page, so check it out!>>>PLEASE e-mail me with songs you'd like to see on the playlist, questions, comments or just to talk music...



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